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We exist to encourage & empower small business owners & marketers to achieve success through easy-to-digest knowledge, tools & services. 


We authentically care about each other, the work we do, the way we do it and who we do it for. 


People Before Policies 

We respect that we all live complicated lives.  We strive to place relationships above rules.  In every decision, we work to consider the best interest of every person involved, not just our own. 


Live Generously & with Empathy

We give of ourselves out of our own abundance to causes we believe in and to each other. We seek connection through healthy, candid and compassionate conflict resolution, giving each other the benefit of the doubt while striving to understand others' motivations.


Unconventional Thinkers

We explore efficient and creative ways to accomplish objectives using innovation and  automation through technology available to us. In doing this, the gift of time to ourselves and our clients creates a path for a more sustainable work/life balance and enhanced personal fulfillment.


Generate Greatness

We operate wholeheartedly, no matter how small the task. We recognize our own strengths, and operate in what we do best to achieve optimum results. If we find we lack knowledge, expertise or skill, we seek to improve through education or ask for guidance from qualified sources.

Sustain Whimsy 

We embrace a culture of  playfulness, humor and a little weirdness. We play hard and work hard together, using  merriment to sustain us through even the most difficult challenges.


Meet Mike, the man behind the scenes

There's a very brilliant and hardworking monkey behind the walls of Mad Platypus Marketing that I'd like to introduce you to! 

By the way, he told me not to include him on the website, but I didn't listen very well. :)

This is Mike. He is my business partner, husband, and he also happens to be my dream guy. <3


Mike is a seasoned software developer, and works at Mad Platypus Marketing in all kinds of capacities.  Too many to count.  He's the man behind the curtain when you reach out for technical support for any of our products and courses.


I love working with this guy!  He is a problem-solver.  He's smarter than anyone I know.  He has an amazing sense of humor ( I am still like .0000005% funnier than he is, and he gladly acknowledges this).


Together, our blood, sweat, laughs and laptop time during Netflix binges have built our business from the ground up.  We love being together, and working together is just icing on the cake.  

A few things to know about Mike:

  • He's a huge professional wrestling fan.  I support (tolerate) this!

  • He is the most kind, level-headed man I know

  • He's an Ennegram 9w1 & ENFJ

  • Talking to him often leads to having to Google words to find out what the heck they mean

  • He is hands-down one of the most emotionally intelligent people I have ever met

  • Putting up with me bossing him around all the time should win him a trophy ​🏆

Well, where to start?

I'm Carey.  Yup. That's a good place to start. 


*awkward clammy handshake*

I'm an Enneagram 7w8 & ENFP.

I've discovered I am also an ambivert (a combo of introvert and extrovert), and

I don't always like to talk about myself. 


But, since you're here, why not?

Let me tell you how I got into marketing and a little about myself. 

I am married to the love of my life, Mike.  I am also the proud mama of four really cute bio boys, who I still happen to like most of the time.  And, I am a bonus mom of four really smart and insightful girls. My boys are grown young men now, and all of our kids range in age from 13-26.  Yep, that's 8 kiddos. And, we have three chihuahuas.


I have been interested in being a business woman since I can remember.  When I was in the 4th grade, I headed up a little movement in Mrs. Judd's class to "run our own business" in class.  We dreamed up "Judd, Inc." and used classroom paper  to  construct  cash registers, fake money, invoices, business  cards and all the things we thought you'd find in an office (we were like 10, so we didn't really know what a business looked like).  Mrs. Judd happily let us do this, because she thought we'd learn a lot about business.  But, soon we were letting Judd, Inc. take over our days!  And, eventually, we got shut down by the establishment. :)

I went on to start my first actual non-classroom-paper-built business back in 1998.  It was a children's entertainment business.  My children's entertainment business was a perfect fit for me.  I stayed home with the kids during the week, and worked as an entertainer at children's parties and corporate events in the evenings and on weekends.  




After owning several businesses and learning marketing on my own through library books and asking lots of questions, I realized that I really loved starting businesses.


I was actually in love with marketing. 


I adored the branding process, developing a marketing strategy and coming up with new marketing campaigns.  Later on, I also discovered that one of my passions was to help others learn how to start their small businesses. 


So, I went on to get a marketing degree and became a marketer for several corporations, working for a digital marketing agency as well. 

And, all of that led me here. So, here I am.  


A few things to know about me:


  • I am louder than most people

  • I am a professional musician, singer and songwriter and have released two albums

  • I have a reallllllllly difficult time being serious, and especially during stuffy meetings or times when it's not appropriate to be irreverent.  #selfcontrolissues

  • I like to get around 7 hours of sleep a night, 8 is too much and I get groggy

  •  I've never quite figured out how to keep my car clean, my mother would call it a "pig sty"

  • I forced my children to eat food with chopsticks at Asian restaurants, not all of them still listen to me as adults

  • I tend to be fairly frugal, and love thrift store shopping

  • I get called "Casey" a LOT.  This happens in emails, newspaper articles and even a music gig poster once

  • I can put a spaghetti noodle through my nose and make it come out of my mouth (I'm a lot of fun at parties!)

So, if you are a business-minded entrepreneur type who is not afraid to work hard, my role in all this is to help you understand seemingly complicated digital marketing things.  Or, if you want, we can do them for you, and you can spend your time doing the stuff you do best.

If you are wanting to venture out and start a new business, but don't really know where to start - that's also where I come in.  I absolutely LOVE helping others discover their niche as an entrepreneur.  From business concept to launch and beyond, we are here to support you.

If that sounds like you, I think we are going to make a formidable team!  I am absolutely thrilled you stopped by!

<3 Carey Marshall 

p.s. Don't forget, I am offering a you a FREE 30 minute session to pick my brain. 

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