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These are a few of

my favorite things... 

If you know one thing about me, it's that I get soooooooooooooooo excited to share new things with my friends.  

I have been accused of saying that literally EVERYTHING is my favorite.  And, yes, I know that I say things are my favorite a lot.  But, my partner, Mike says, "I love it when you say that, because in that moment, that thing is absolutely your favorite."  Love him!  And, love the fact that this guy totally gets me.  And he gets that I am 100% sincere when I tell you about my favorite things. 

It makes perfect sense for me to share my favorite things with you.  Doesn't it?I am also happy to save you hours and hours of research.  

These tools may not all jibe with you ( I mean, hey, I kind of despise avocados and guac, so we may be different), but some may. 

Oh, but first thing's first, before the are two of my favorite small things...





Carey's Fave Website & Landing Page Tool: Wix

Wix is one of the easiest platforms to design websites.  Lots of functionality, and cool features all based in a visual editor that's easy to navigate and figure out for even the least tech-savvy of us.  ​It's also very inexpensive to host your site with Wix.  

PRO:  Has it's own email marketing platform built in, as well as forms & backend databases.  You can purchase your domain through Wix as well. Templates are great, with stock videos and images free to use with account. 


Carey's Fave Task & Project Management Tool: ClickUp

I absolutely LOVE using ClickUp to manage my daily tasks and projects.

PRO:  A reallllllly great free version that's robust and not super limited. No credit card required.  You can add team members with the free version, too! 


Carey's Fave Web Trends Platform: Answer the People


Take the guesswork out of what your customers are interested in!  No more "gut feeling" is needed to try to figure out what will attract, add and retain customers.  Answer the People's powerful trends search can help you narrow your target market and concentrate on what your customers need!

PRO:  After using this tool for a while, many times you'll be surprised what your customers are actually searching for!  It might surprise you, and help you focus where your customers interests lie.


Carey's Fave Email Marketing Platform: ActiveCampaign

I found ActiveCampaign when researching email marketing platforms and I absolutely love it!  I especially love their visual automation editor, just point and click and you'll have a multi-step workflow, tailored to your customers in no time at all.  Best of all, the pricing for the entry level plan starts at $9/mo (yearly), or $15/mo (paid monthly)!  So don't worry about having to pinch pennies just to afford your email platform, ActiveCampaign is the best!

PRO:  All you could ever want in an email marketing program, with all the bells & whistles of Mail Chimp or Constant Contact, and all at a reasonable price!  Use for email automations and landing page forms with its robust visual mapping capabilities, and it all starts at $15 per month!


Carey's Fave Podcast Hosting Platform: Buzzsprout

I've hosted a few podcasts, and I always use Buzzsprout for my podcast hosting.  Their interface is top notch, and they take all the guesswork out of hosting your show.  If you'd rather concentrate on recording your content instead of having to play do-it-yourself-IT-person all the time, check out Buzzsprout!

PRO:  Easy to understand interface and a range of pricing for the beginner up to the seasoned podcaster.  Just a few clicks and you'll be listed on all the popular podcasting apps!  I highly recommend it!


Carey's Fave Content Planner: Content Creators Planner

Content Creators Planner saved my sanity!  I was bogged down in a multi-page spreadsheet trying to create a makeshift calendar for myself, with 100s of different color coded cells meant to highlight all the different content I was planning.  It was maddening.  Then I found Content Creators Planner.  Simple, organized and perfect for planning your content and executing on your goals.  I've switched and I'll never go back!

PRO:  The makers of the Content Creators Planner boil the content planning process down to its core, and they get rid of all the unnecessary stuff.  For someone like me whose brain is racing 100-miles and hour, it helps me structure my content plans and keep me focused on what matters.  I'm all about digital but sometimes you need to put pen to paper to crystalize your thoughts - and Content Creators planner is the perfect solution!


Carey's Fave Online Design Tool: Canva

Have you ever just wanted to create a quick design, image or flyer and been frustrated by the lack of affordable options.  Is a full blow design software suite overkill for your needs?  Canva has many of the popular features you need - no clunky software installation needed!  Just a browser and your imagination!  It's my go to when I have design inspiration and I want to turn my ideas into reality as quickly as possible.

PRO:  Canva makes it easy to get started with your designs.  I find their website is clean and not cluttered, and after just a few clicks I feel just as comfortable as I do in my favorite desktop design tool.  And best of all I don't have to battle with huge software downloads and bulky installation programs.  I can go to Canva and starting designing ASAP!

YOU MAY BE YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY IF YOU believE these five things about yourselF 

If you don't learn to recognize how negative thinking patterns affect you, success will always be difficult.

  • Learn to stop being at war with your own self-doubt

  • Do what you actually want to do with your life & stop being afraid

  • Realize your own potential in your life & business

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