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#2 | How Sales Funnels Can Help Your Business

For anyone that runs a business, is an entrepreneur, or lives in the marketing world, the one constant thought and goal that runs through their mind is "How do I establish a consistent and (at least somewhat) predictable stream of business?"

Many stab in the dark, running promotions based on gut instinct, running ad campaigns they feel might lure prospective customers, among other gambits. But many are left still wondering and searching for the secret sauce to get off the roller-coaster of customer acquisition, or just get off the ground.

In this episode, I will introduce you to a concept and process that will take a lot of the guesswork out of customer engagement and customer acquisition - the sales funnel. While there will always be a need to grow and evolve, the sales funnel will give your a framework that you can use as a foundation for your efforts to inform, acquire and retain customers and grow your business - perhaps even beyond where you could have imagined it growing.

Follow me as I take you step by step through the key aspects of the sales funnel, and start on your way to building a structured, repeatable way to grow your customer base and your business.


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