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#4 | Avoiding Distractions & Maximizing Productivity

Ever catch yourself saying things like "I'd start that side project if I only had the time" or "If there were 27 hours in the day I'd definitely work on my business idea!" I'll have to admit, I've uttered these and many other words like them more times than I can count. But if we take a moment to reflect and we're honest with ourselves, we may see that there are many days where distractions gobble up our valuable time. Facebook, Twitter, Netflix binges, scrolling around our phone for who-knows-what - all big drains on our valuable time.

I've found that you can gain a lot of that time back with just a little discipline - and no, you don't have to hire a drill sergeant to do it. In this episode, I'll walk you through some simple ideas for organizing your time, eliminating distractions, and focusing on building your business.

When we're done, I think you'll be surprised about how many hours you can take back after you've kicked those distractions to the curb!


Resources from this episode:


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