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#6 | All Things Google - Learning How to Leverage Google for Your Small Business

Hi friends! I've been thinking lately about all the things that fall on a business owner or entrepreneur's plate. Billing, scheduling, unforeseen obstacles - It can be a lot. And on top of all that, you need to get your business noticed and acquire new business, customers, cor clients. There are questions: where do I spend my marketing dollars for the best return, how do I reach new customers? How can I build a repeatable recipe to acquire new business? It's enough to make our heads spin!

Luckily, there's help out there. In this episode we talk with Tracy Kelly, who works in business development at Hook Agency in Minneapolis. We'll talk about Google Search, SEO and how to make your Google My Business listing stand out when it comes to how your customers find you online. Tracy will help demystify search, and give you insights on the tools and techniques needed to get tie your whole online presence - website, social profiles, everything - back to how people search for you. I'm beyond excited for you to hear what he has to say!

And guess what?? There's so much useful information in this episode that we've created an outline for you to refer to later! We think it will be a great primer for you as you position your brand online.

Now that we've got you curious, take a listen!


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