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#8 | Creating Content (Part Two): Planning and Creating a Content Strategy

Hello friends! So you're hunkered down, ready to bring your product, service or message to the masses. You've got the equipment - laptop, CHECK! microphone, CHECK! smartphone, CHECK! Time take your brand and shout it from the (virtual) rooftop! Blog posts, live streams, e-books, advertisements!! You're ready!

AAAACKK! How do you keep track of it all?? I can tell you from personal experience, I've tried calendars, apps, web platforms - I've tried them all. And many may work for you, but today we have Jodi Hersh and Kim Doyal, founders of the Content Creators Planner ( to talk about how to bring structure and consistency to your content creation process. How to herd your digital cats, so to speak!!

We'll talk about the attitude, tools and resources you need to create high quality content, consistently, and with confidence. Are you intrigued yet?? :)

And don't forget our freebie this week. Click the link below to get your Content Planning Checklist!


Resources from this episode:

Creators Content Planner:


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