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#9 | Creating Content (Part Three): Saving Time While Creating Content

Hello friends! I know, now you're all fired up to get that content out there! Blogs! Podcasts! Ads! Social Posts! HOORAY! But...all these things take time. How are you going to fit these in as business and life keep coming at you??

BAM! We're on top of it! In part 2 of our discussion with Kim Doyal & Jodi Hersh of the Creators Content Planner (, we discuss how to cover all your content bases and still have time for all the other important things in your life. We'll help you stay laser focused and provide consistent content to your audience efficiently. Sound like something you'd be interested in? Then have a listen!

And don't forget our freebie this week. Click the link below to get your Guide to Saving Time While Creating Content.


Resources from this episode: Creators Content Planner:


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