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#10 | Where Should I Advertise my Business?

So, you're thinking about placing online ads to help promote your business! Great! But, where in the actual heck do you start? Do you know the difference between Twitter ads and Facebook ads? Should you be advertising on Google?

Demystifying all the online advertising options on the internet can feel like a very large task to tackle. It can feel overwhelming. As small business owners, we don't always have the funds available to pay experts for their time or skills. We sometimes have to figure this out all on our own.

One of the most complicated issues to sift through can be whether each online ad platform is a good fit for your business type. In this episode we will explore the audiences that various online ad spaces are geared to, and we will help you narrow down your online advertising choices.

Join us for a comprehensive look at where it makes the most sense to place your online, to give you the confidence you need to start advertising on the internet.


Resources from this episode: Oberlo Twitter Statistics


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