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3 Ways to Discover What Your Fans Want to See From You on Social Media

Social media is either the greatest invention or the biggest time suck, depending on your perspective. If you’re seeing results from your posts, such as lots of Likes, Shares, or Comments, then you’ll be in the “I Love Social Media” camp. Others who struggle because they don’t know what to say usually find solace scrolling through their feeds aimlessly, wasting time.

Planning and research is important when it comes to using social media effectively for marketing your side gig business. Here are some other ideas for discovering what your fans want:

1. Ask them. Plain and simple; there’s no sense in guessing what they want, so ask them directly. Use SurveyMonkey to create a formal survey and share the link via social media and to your email list. Or simply ask them directly in a post. Using a survey allows more anonymity, so that may be a better option if you normally get little to no responses on your other social media posts.

2. Checkout your social media insights. What posts have gotten the most Likes, Shares, and Comments? Use that subject matter to plan out more posts. Don’t repost the same exact thing; change it up or delve into a different perspective of the same subject. Take that subject matter and create an infographic; or create a graphic with just a quote; or write a brand new blog post and create a graphic to promote that post.